3 Reasons Why Your New Hampshire Startup Company should be Based in a Shared Office Space

Three Reasons Why Your New Hampshire Startup Company should be Based in a Shared  Office Space

Recent statistics show that the future will be good for independent start up companies, free lancers and independent contractors.  The folks at Office Vibe have compiled a great list of stastics that show improved work conditions, happier employees and more productivity for those who choose coworking office spaces.  The stats predict that these numbers will be the norm in just a few short years. 

Here are the top 3 Reasons why you should be working in a Shared Office Space if you are doing business in southern New Hampshire:

Coworking Offices Save You Money 

When you start a business the single most costly item on your monthly budget will certainly be office space.  You need to remember that your costs for renting an office do not include internet, furniture, utilities, cleaning services, coffee and office machines.  These kinds of leases often require long term commitments too.  Sounds like a coworking space might be just what you need. These office spaces offer workspace in a large environment loaded with amenities, common work areas, conference rooms, break rooms and cleaning and repair services. 

The prices for these coworking spaces vary depending on how much space you need and how many people you bring to work on your team.  You can be sure that the price will be less than if you rented your own private office suite.

Work is More Productive in a Coworking Office

The stats for workers in these coworking spaces report that they are very productive, focused and even happier (and healthier) than in a conventional office setting.  These spaces offer a flexibility and openness that workers like.  The hours are generally very flexible (many are open 24/7) and the opportunities to collaborate are very beneficial.  The active environment is good for your thought process and experts insist that the opportunities coworking offices offer are beneficial to your overall satisfaction with work. 

Coworking Offices Offer a Community Feel

Many folks who choose a coworking office worked alone at home prior to joining a shared space.  Many of them report feeling isolated and lonely.  They also say that their creativity was stifled and their confidence was not enhanced.  No matter how many times you go out to a coffee shop to change up your scenery it just doesn’t give that sense of community that is important to workers today.  The coworking environment offers instant coworkers and an opportunity to build relationships, network and even barter for professional services.  For instance, you might be in a coworking office that houses an insurance agent.  Your company may need insurance.  Thus, a professional relationship can be built.  You never know who you might meet in a coworking space.  You might even make a connection that will bring your business to the next level.

Red Oak Coworking Offices are located at 66 Hanover St in Manchester, NH.  This vibrant, bright and modern space is in the heart of the business district of New Hampshire’s largest city.  This setting offers a variety of shared offices, workstations and drop in options for business innovators and leaders.