Getting Started at the Red Oak Coworking Offices

Getting Started at the Red Oak Coworking Offices

The opportunity to work in a coworking atmosphere is an exciting and productive venture. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the Red Oak Coworking Office space.

Our Address

66 Hanover St, Suite 200

Manchester, NH

You will need to use this address if you plan to receive mail here or if you intend to use the offices as your business address.  Simply insert your company name as the first line in the address above. And you will be all set.  Mail will be delivered to your box in the offices daily.

Building Hours

The daily Mirror Building and Red Oak Coworking Offices can be accessed without a keycard from 7am-6pm, Monday – Friday when the building is officially open.  Your keycard will gain you access at all other days and times, 24/7.  You will need this keycard at the main exterior doors, at the elevator, and at the doors to the offices.

Wi-Fi and Business Center Information

We offer a Wi-Fi enabled black and white printer/copier/scanner for your use as part of your membership at Red Oak Coworking Offices.  On your first day you will receive the instructions and log-in information for these services.

Conference Room Booking

We use an on-line booking system called Skedda to reserve times in our two conference rooms.  If you are interested in using the conference rooms, please let us know and we will email you the credentials to start your Skedda user experience.  There is no charge for this service.  If you need to book conference room space please remember that it is booked on a first come, first served basis with the Skedda app.

Daily Use Lockers

For your convenience, we offer lockers where you can store your belongings should you wish to leave the offices for a time while you are working.  The lockers are for your use during your workday only, and are not intended to be used overnight or for extended periods of time.  If you would like the use of a locker, please let us know and we will provide you with a key assigned to one of our lockers.

Kitchen and Café Area

You are welcome to use this space to eat, relax or have a meeting.  Please help yourself to coffee, hot chocolate or tea.  Creamer and sugar are provided.  Filtered water in also available for you in the café.  Remember that this is a shared space and others will appreciate you cleaning up after your eat or enjoy a beverage here.  Be sure to wipe down the microwave after each time that you use it and to periodically clean out anything you may have forgotten in the refrigerator. 

Etiquette Guidelines

Please remember that a coworking office is a shared space, and as such, common courtesy is necessary to enable the amiable, respectful and professional environment that allows this unique work environment – and everyone in it – to be successful. 

Below are some etiquette tips to keep in mind while you work:

  • Keep noise to a minimum – ringers, headphones and voices should be low.
  • Don’t overbook or overstay in conference rooms.
  • Keep the kitchen area clean, as well as any shared spaces you use.  Wipe down after each use please.
  • Return shared items after you use them.  Staplers, markers, rolling dry-erase boards and the like are for the use of all the coworking occupants.
  • Refrain from using space leased to someone else.
  • Connect and collaborate with your “coworkers” – this space is a great networking opportunity.
  • Spread the word if you enjoy our workspace.

Contact us:

Red Oak Coworking Offices are easily toured Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

At Red Oak Coworking Offices you have many all-inclusive benefits and perks that are free to use. 

There are plan options to fit just what your business needs right now.  All plans are month to month so there is no need for long commitments.  Call us and try it out for a month.

Fill out an application or give us a call at 603-668-8282.


Red Oak Coworking Offices are located at 66 Hanover St in Manchester, NH.