Who Finds Success in Coworking Office Spaces?

Who Finds Success in Coworking Office Spaces?

The national trend towards small businesses and start-up companies utilizing co-working or shared office space is growing in the New Hampshire region.  Businesses find that the productivity and collaboration that these offices support are very beneficial.  The opportunities for independent work on a unique time schedule and the cost saving aspects of a shared office are gaining the attention of freelancers, remote workers and other independent professionals.

We surveyed the businesses who use the Red Oak Co-Working Offices in downtown Manchester to gain some insight into their reasons for choosing this way to work.  We discovered some commonalities that ring true to the hard-working spirit that these shared offices promote.

The workers here see their work as meaningful

 The types of work done here could be classified as personal and trend setting.  Most are working on solutions that will improve humanity, productivity and well-being.  Working amongst others in this mindset is stimulating and inspiring.    The opportunities for sparking new ideas is greater in these kinds of spaces.  Most find that these coworking offices eliminate internal politics and it makes their own personal identity stronger. 

They have more Job Control in a Shared Office Environment

Sometimes our best ideas come to us outside of the normal 9 to 5 work day.  Coworking offices are open 24/7 so when an entrepreneur has a breakthrough idea they can work through it at any time.  Coworkers can decide to take long breaks to get their creativity flowing or, if their work style is different they can pull all-nighters when their thoughts are really going strong.  With this type of work situation, independent workers can choose to work in a quiet space, work collaboratively in a shared space or bring in a crew of experts and work in a conference room until they get their idea down pat.  The prospect of having other like-minded professionals sharing your office promotes this concept.  Many times, these coworkers can become your allies and collaborators.  This idea of having a community that can help each other is motivating and enriching. 

Be as Social As you Want to Be in a Communal Office Space

Making connections with others is often times touted as a large reason why sole proprietors choose co-working office spaces.  For some people this is a big plus.  On the other hand, if all you want is a professional place to work and meet your clients or to just have a professional mailing address this is a way to do that too.  Socialization is not forced in these environments and the implications for building stronger work habits and a strong sense of personal identity is strong.  Workers respond to being able to do their work in ways that give them purpose and meaning.

A Well designed Coworking Office Matters

Research shows that a combination of well-designed work spaces that are in close proximity to a city center or economic hubs for a city produce a more vital work experience.  High levels of success come when these workers have access to the businesses in a city center. 

A coworking office that has bright, professional furnishings and places to socialize are popular.   Also having a place to have a bite to eat and offer full business services are the most appealing. 

At the Red Oak Coworking Offices at 66 Hanover Street in downtown Manchester, NH, members enjoy a full range of services.  Free  Wi-Fi, complimentary coffee, tea and water,  a cafĂ©, social spaces, two conference rooms, a copy center, parking options and a variety of work spaces makes this a very desirable space.