4 Ways to Attack Your To-Do List in a Coworking Model

Don’t let distractions or noisy co-workers get in your way to success.  Make your time in a coworking center productive and effective.  You can crush it by attacking your to-do list in a coworking model by following these simple steps. 

Attack your to-do list

Work in the Space Only When You Have To

You can be the most productive if you know how to utilize your coworking space in the best way.  If you are on the road once or twice a week you can work from home or a coffee shop for part of your day.  Don’t feel that just because you are paying for the space you must be there everyday to get your value.  If your time can be better spent out of the office from time to time then go ahead and do that. 

How can I stop procrastinating?

To stop procrastinating start with success in your mind and work on the main tasks first.  Prioritize your tasks and start at the top of your list.  Concentrate on doing that first task well and then move on.  You’ll be surprised to see that your list of tasks will start to shrink.  Look at your list from time to time.  Check to see if some items no longer need to be there.  Revise often for maximum impact.

Try Different Spots in the Coworking Center

Some folks benefit from a change of scenery.  A coworking office often has a variety of spaces to work and meet with clients.  If you get distracted or bored at your desk why not try working from the lounge, kitchen or communal work areas.  Book a conference room if you have a lengthy meeting or need uninterrupted time to delve into a project without distractions.

Stop the Noise

You can control noise and distractions.  Bring a set of headphones with you to work.  Listen to your favorite playlist and get your work done that way.  Music helps many folks to concentrate.  Many offices have sound proof “phone booth” style rooms that can help when you need a quiet place to work, make calls or do a video chat.

The Offices to Share at Red Oak

Red Oak Coworking is in the heart of the business and arts district of downtown Manchester at 66 Hanover Street.  There are several coworking plans that are available.  Private offices, shared offices and conference room spaces are ready to tour.  Walk to shops, cafes, City Hall and businesses.   Parking options are numerous.

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