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Why Coworking Office Spaces are So Popular

Coworking spaces are no longer just for freelancers and single person consultants.  Coworking spaces have proven to be an asset to many kinds of businesses, start-ups and global brands.  They are leading the way in inspiring new ways to work and be productive.  There are over 100,000 coworking office spaces in the eastern United States alone.  And their numbers continue to grow!  Let’s look at why coworking office spaces are so popular.

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Forward Thinking Companies Look to Small Office Spaces to Help build a Positive Culture

The work world is a very different place than it was just a few years ago.  Employers have adopted many innovative strategies to keep their employees safe by offering flexible work environments balanced with their struggle to keep the bottom line in tow for their companies.  So why do Forward Thinking Companies Look to Small Office Spaces to Help build a Positive Culture?

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Plug and Play Office Space for Today’s Savvy Business Start Ups in New Hampshire

Plug and play is a term that we often hear when talking about an office that is ready to use from the time a business unlocks the door.  It is ready to go- in essence you open a box with a computer or other technology and literally plug it in and start using it.

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Small Office Rooms for Rent

The experts have spoken, and the outlook for coworking office space and small office rooms for rent is going to be even higher as we move into the current year and beyond.   Business is making a rebound and the expectation is that 20% more coworking seats will be required to keep up with demand.  Coworking spaces offer workers a feeling of community that working alone from home does not offer. Let’s take a look at the trends we expect to see in coworking and office rooms moving forward.

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The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Work

Many folks have learned to adapt in the new “Normal” of work.  Hybrid jobs have been touted as the best way to handle your work life to ensure maximum flexibility.  Please remember that Hybrid work is not remote work.  It is more complicated to pull off as the worker must navigate the switch between their office for a certain number of hours a week and must also find a way to work from home or another place for part of their work week. This blog examines the cons and pros of hybrid work.

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Coworking trends for 2022 and Beyond

Coworking has been a very resilient option for the work force since it’s inception in the mid-2000’s.  The ability of coworking providers to shift as the pandemic hit the US and beyond has proven to make for more choices for those seeking work from home alternative office spaces.  Many wonder what the future will look like for the upcoming future for coworking office space.  Let’s take a look at Coworking trends for 2022 and beyond?

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