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Is Working from Home Getting to be a Drag?

When the Corona Virus hit the United States, companies sent many of their workers home to work.  Months into the pandemic many have been told that they can work from home permanently.  There was rejoicing when this announcement came from corporate headquarters all over the region; but now workers are weary of the routines established when working from home.  A coworking office may be the answer to your work from home needs.  

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Covid-19 Procedures in Place at Red Oak Coworking Offices

The Corona Virus has certainly up-ended a lot of the things that we called normal in the workplace in 2020.  At Red Oak Coworking Offices we have been working hard to prioritize your safety and health. 

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Coworking Office Trends

Coworking Office space is plentiful and offers a great way to work and collaborate professionally to expand your business image and profits.  What are the most current trends in the NH market for coworking office spaces?

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Downtown Manchester NH Coworking Offices with Parking

Working in the heart of any city is exciting and enriching.  There are many services, support companies and people around to help you with your business.  In the downtown business district of Manchester NH parking questions sometimes arise.  So, the question is…are there parking options in the center city of Manchester for folks who work in coworking office spaces?

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Remote Learning Made Easy in a Coworking Space

Distraction free space at home is hard to find these days.  Parents are working from home, teachers are navigating trying to reach their students via technology, college students are trying hybrid class schedules and younger students are finding out how to navigate remote learning, hybrid learning or a mix of both.  This makes for a household full of distractions, interruptions and lost learning and teaching time.   The Coronavirus has taught us that to be successful we must be innovative and clever in how we navigate these obstacles.  

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Job Seekers Look towards Coworking Private Office Space as an Option to Working from Home

Workers have found that they need some private office space in order to work their best.  For some, this can be accomplished from a home office, but if your living arrangements do not allow for this,  then you need to find alternatives to make work happen for you.  Enter the concept of Coworking Offices.  These private and open work spaces are ideal if you need the flexibility to make your productivity soar.  Many Coworking spaces are open 24/7 so you can customize your work hours to fit with your schedule and your client’s needs. 

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