Covid-19 Procedures in Place at Red Oak Coworking Offices

The Corona Virus has certainly up-ended a lot of the things that we called normal in the workplace in 2020.  At Red Oak Coworking Offices we have been working hard to prioritize your safety and health. 

Increased Sanitization

Cleaning and sanitizing spaces has been a top priority at the Red Oak Coworking Offices.  The guidance provided by the global health organizations suggest that surfaces that are high touch should be sanitized on a regular basis.  Our team of housekeepers have been increasing the scope and frequency of this task.  When our clients use hand sanitizers and wipes this helps tremendously with this process. 

Prioritizing Personal Space for Workplace Distancing

You will notice that desks and work areas have been moved to allow for social distancing.  Plexiglass panels in locations where they are warranted have been established as well.  Red Oak recommends that all patrons at our offices wear face masks when at the offices and that they practice social distancing and frequent hand washing.  If you are sick please do not come into the shared office space. 

Technology to help with Work Environments

As the Covid-19 pandemic proceeds remember that there are many ways to work safely.  The high speed internet and free wi-fi at Red Oak’s Coworking offices help you to communicate with your teams and workmates in many remote ways.  Zoom calls, Microsoft Team software and phone and video conferencing are just a few of the ways you can achieve this work balance.  The conference rooms at the shared office space allow you to hold virtual meetings easily and without disturbing those around you. 

Red Oak Coworking Offices

Situated in the heart of downtown Manchester, the Red Oak Coworking Offices are ideally located to help you work remotely.  The space is bright and modern with lots of space for social distancing.  There are a variety of private and shared office spaces as well as open desk coworking spaces here.  Prices start at just $29/month.  Amenities include free wi-fi, sound proof phone space, sit/stand desks, a kitchen, free coffee, tea and filtered water, lounge areas and 2 conference rooms.  Parking is just across the street at the Red Oak Parking Garage.  Ask about discounted rates for parking.  Contact us here for more info.