A Coworking Model for New Businesses

Still Hunting for a work space for your small business?  Why not use the coworking model to help you out?  Coworking spaces are the best place to jump start your business.

Work Smart with the Coworking Model

A recent study found that people who work in these modern spaces report higher levels of thriving in their work than folks who work in a traditional office.  People who work in these communal office spaces see their work as meaningful.  They feel empowered to work hard and to take risks to improve themselves and their business.  They come to work everyday ready to take on the world.  This is achievable- as a space like this is free of distractions, the politics of traditional offices and of time consuming tasks that have nothing to do with your business. 

Working smarter in these offices means you can control more of what you do and make it more interesting and fulfilling.   Workers feel the culture of helping each other out in these spaces as many of the others who are there are also in a business situation that is similar to yours.  Cooperating with another business that can be a resource or a networking cohort can be exhilarating.  The coworking model also encourages collaboration, learning and social interaction.  These all lead to more productivity, a smarter you and a successful business model.

Save Money in a Modern Workspace

Choosing a coworking model can save you and your team time and money.  The open layout and the ability to expand your space is part of the culture in these places.  Why pay for a large office in the hopes you will need that much space.  Instead, rent only the space you need and expand as your business grows and profits are up.  You can save time and money by cutting out administrative overhead. 

The coworking space will take care of cleaning the space, upkeeping the business center and kitchen area, keeping the lights and heat on and so much more. 

Networking with other business can save you time.  Sharing a space can lead to many new opportunities with other business owners and cutting-edge leaders. 

Most spaces like this do not require long term leases.  This gives you the freedom and flexibility to make quick decisions for your business when necessary. 

Enjoy many Benefits and Perks

Coworking offices are usually located in places that will enhance your business.  A city center location will give you easy and time saving access to government and financial institutions that you may have to deal with for your business.  City centers also provide places where you can meet clients for luncheons and business events.   

Coworking Offices are a new concept so you will find that the décor and features have a cool vibe.  They are filled with spaces for conferencing, meeting with small groups, creating videos and podcasts in sound proof rooms and even amazing inspirational décor and art work. 

Another perk is the fact that you will have a corporate mailing address that adds instant credibility to your business.  This helps you to build your business and clientele.  Don’t discount the perk of working with others.  This helps to combat the loneliness that remote workers often feel. 

Red Oak's Coworking Offices

Located in the heart of downtown Manchester, Red Oak Coworking Offices are a cutting edge way for you to succeed in your business.  We have everything you need to work smart.

Red Oak's Coworking Offices offers a variety of desk, coworking and office options, all with the use of contemporary new office furniture! All coworking desks are electric sit/stand desks, and every office and coworking workstation includes lockable storage. The use of two conference rooms with ultra HD screens and online booking are included, as well as a full kitchen with tables and seating, two comfortable lounge areas, a large 8-seat library table, and daily use lockers.

Red Oak's Coworking Offices includes the conveniences every professional expects from their workplace, such as month-to-month leases, 24/7 access, climate control, wi-fi and all utilities, complimentary coffee services and filtered water, and janitorial service. Also included is the use of a business mailing address, shared lobby with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and a signature downtown location with plenty of food and shopping options.

Today's modern business hubs demand the best technology, and Red Oak Coworking is no different! Every client enjoys keycard access at every entry point, powerful wi-fi throughout with dedicated hard-wired internet in offices, motion sensor lighting and onsite video surveillance, electrical and USB outlets at desks, large format ultra HD presentation screens in conference rooms, and free access to a printer/copier/scanner. In addition, personal peripheral equipment is welcome, such as printers and VOIP phones.

Contact Red Oak for more information.