Coworking Office Trends

Coworking Office space has become very popular over the past 5 years.  Each year about 3,000 new spaces open in the United States.  In New Hampshire the trend has taken root throughout the southern part of the state and is even increasing in the northern regions as well.  What makes Coworking offices so popular?  What coworking office trends are important for you to take note of?  The key concept is flexibility.  Flexibility in space, time to work and who you work with.   The millennial generation has helped the trend soar as many are freelancers, creators of start-up companies, those in the academic world or work from home gurus who find it to be a great way to be productive and successful.

This chart from Khurshid Alam at Workstreet shows the projected growth in this type of office space.  New Hampshire is keeping pace with new coworking spaces opening up and offering services.  They all offer flexibility to their users.


Implications for New Hampshire Office Workers

So what does this mean for New Hampshire workers who want to take advantage of these collaborative and reasonably priced shared offices?   What trends are the ones to make your choice of shared spaces a good one for you.  One trend to look for that will help your business be ahead of the game is to make sure that your coworking space offers round the clock hours.  This is helpful if you are collaborating with others in different parts of the world or in different time zones.  Many offices use technology to make their space available 24/7.  This helps to keep costs down for you.   

Another coworking trend is to offer more exclusive coworking spaces.  Look for ones that cater to certain needs, professions or types of workers.  There are some coworking offices that are for women only, or for engineering companies only.  This is a trend that will be strong in the future.  The empowerment that comes from working with likeminded individuals is a great way to network and move your business forward.   

Going green and being environmentally friendly are trends that are popular with millennials.  Many coworking spaces incorporate innovations that will save the planet as well as help you to work.  At the very least,  look for a space that has live plants.  This creates a stress relieving environment to work in and helps with air quality and brain functioning.

Technology is important to make your business grow.  Look for a coworking office with wi-fi, high speed internet and platforms that help you to schedule time in their conference rooms. Technology is the trend to always keep up with.  Make sure that your coworking space has a long term plan for upgrades in tech that will help your business grow.  Don't be lured in by film production rooms, sound mixing boards or other high tech features unless they are essential to your business.

Increase Your Productivity

Because Coworking spaces are a way to get people together it benefits your mind set and your ability to work more productively.    Design elements in the architecture and the interior design can also help boost your work output.  Who doesn’t love ergonomically correct chairs,  sit/stand desks and creative meeting spaces?  Many spaces offer ways to wind down from a hectic work day too.  Some have happy hours, meet and greet events, musical performances from time to time or events designed to get you to merge work and play.  This trend helps to make your coworking experience more enjoyable.

Red Oak Coworking Offices

Working in an inspired environment that is reasonably priced is good for your bottom line.   It attracts inspiring individuals and is just what you can look forward to at Red Oak’s Coworking Offices.  You will find this space in the heart of downtown Manchester NH at 66 Hanover Street.  The space is bright and modern with high tech bonuses like free wi-fi, high speed internet, video conference rooms, sound proof phone booth space and a full business center.  Add in a kitchen, lounge areas and easy parking options and you are ensured a great work environment.  Want to enjoy the city too?  The space is just steps to coffee shops, restaurants and the business and entertainment hub of the city.  A variety of office types and price points helps you to start off your business and grow when you need to expand.  Check out the offerings here.