Is Coworking Space Worth it?

Are you working from home?  Are you wondering whether this set up affects your productivity?  You may even be asking “Is Coworking space worth it?”  When work from home first began many thought it would be great to never have to commute or dress up for work again.  The idea of doing a load of laundry or vacuuming the living room on your lunch break seemed romantic.  Many folks quickly learned that it isn’t easy to multi-task and that there are definite negatives to working from home.  There is a feeling that you never leave work and the stress increases as the lines between home and work blur.

Cons for Working from Home

If you have a distractible personality it’s hard to stay focused when at home.  Maybe your neighbor stops by to see you or the mailman delivers all those Amazon purchases by knocking on your door.  This is not ideal for being productive.  It may even stress you out because you are not finishing your work on time. 

Children who are supervised in the next room can be a distraction.  They know you are there and can be quite persistent in trying to get your attention.  If you look forward to when the child care provider takes them out for a walk; then they are impeding your ability to work.

Maybe you’re lonely?  You miss collaborating with your co-workers over a quick coffee break, chatting about projects that different folks are working on and when you do land a new client you don’t have a place that looks professional to give them a short presentation. 

If you can answer yes to any of the above then maybe it’s time to make some changes.

Move UP to Coworking Spaces

Coworking office space is growing in popularity and makes a lot of sense economically.  These spaces promote working independently or collaboratively and offer a wide variety of plans and amenities.  Most offer plans that allow you to decide how many services you need to access and how much you are willing to pay for them.  You might need a dedicated lockable private office for your business to succeed.  Others can get by with a shared “hot desk” that can be used anytime you need it. 

Coworking spaces are economical.  When you are asking if coworking spaces are worth it, just remind yourself of the costs for office furniture, conference rooms, lounge and kitchen areas, restrooms, Wi-fi services and housekeeping.   All of these expenses are included in coworking plans.  Coworking users can also utilize a variety of printers, copiers, fax machines, phone call stations and digital presentation screens and projectors.  Imagine trying to video conference in your home when the family is noisy or trying to get your attention.  Practically impossible.

Coworking offices offer 24/7 hours and access to many other unique features.  Most do not require long term lease commitments and you do not have to pay for upkeep, taxes or repairs to the space.  Some coworking offices include coffee, tea and even networking events or fun meet-up opportunities. 

Should You Join a Coworking Space?

Do your homework and evaluate the benefits.  Make sure that the cost of the office outweighs the benefits of collaboration, professionalism and the use of the amenities at the office space.  Consider the value of keeping focused on your work and feeling productive and creative in this vibrant atmosphere.  Think about the commute too.  Is parking available and is it convenient?  Can you meet your goals and those of your company here?

Red Oak Coworking Offices in Downtown Manchester NH

Red Oak Coworking Offices at 66 Hanover Street in Manchester NH is just the place where you can be successful and your employees will feel supported and productive.  Located in the heart of New Hampshire’s largest city this coworking environment offers a variety of work spaces that range from private or shared offices to open space coworking desks.  All are rented without long term leases, have parking nearby and have all the underlying infrastructure to support the technologies that will drive your business.  Workers love the kitchen space, free coffee, tea and filtered water and free wi-fi.  Lounge areas, a library table, two conference rooms and a soundproof phone booth are great amenities.  You never have to worry about maintenance, cleaning services or utility bills in this space.  The problem of choosing a private office or a coworking office is easy to overcome here.  You can choose just what you need.   Contact Red Oak Coworking for more information and to get your business running smoothly and in a manner that is ready for the future.