Coworking trends for 2022 and Beyond

Coworking trends for 2022

Coworking has been a very resilient option for the work force since it’s inception in the mid-2000’s.  The ability of coworking providers to shift as the pandemic hit the US and beyond has proven to make for more choices for those seeking work from home alternative office spaces.  Many wonder what the future will look like for the upcoming future for coworking office space.  Let’s take a look at Coworking trends for 2022 and beyond?

Corporate Coworking Will Be Popular

The perception that large companies and corporations will continue to promote and encourage remote and hybrid work is a strong trend for the upcoming future.  Corporations are finding a huge cost saving by downsizing large commercial spaces that they have traditionally rented for their workforce.  The coworking trend allows workers to come together when they need to and still to work productively.  Coworking spaces allow several workers or many workers from one company or division of a company to work together and collaborate.  These flexible work solutions help to promote a people centered work environment and flexible scheduling.  Employees who are sensitive to working in a large office can still work and the support in a coworking office helps them immensely.

The beauty of coworking office space is that it provides workers with all the tools they need to get work done.  Many of these spaces have business centers, private phone areas, conference room space, lounge areas and social activities.

Coworking Offices will move to Mid and Small-sized Cities

As the pandemic has continued, the role of the corporate office has changed.  Many large companies like Pinterest and Fujitsu have announced that they will reduce their corporate presence in large cities.  Their workers have found that they can work better and with more satisfaction in smaller cities and in the suburbs.  Studies show that 66% of workers like a hybrid model for work and the idea of continuing this trend well into 2022 is going to be strong.  In addition to wanting to work in a smaller environment, workers now want to jettison the long commutes and parking hassles that they are faced with in large metropolitan cities.

Projections for the growth of new coworking office space is strongest in areas where the population density is 65,000 to 120,000 people.  This means that places like New Hampshire and the northeast will show growth in the opening of new coworking and shared office space.  The idea is to bring the office closer to where workers live.

Coworking trends for 2022

More Coworking Companies will Spring Up

As these trends for more coworking office space broadens, the public will see many new coworking companies spring up in the suburbs.  Many will cater to specific niche worker forces.  For example, you might see coworking spaces spring up for the medical profession or for videographers.  These specialized office spaces will allow for like minded individuals to work in an environment that is specialized.  For example, a videographer will need specialized rooms for recording, editing and doing voice overs that would not be necessary for the general office worker.

As these specialized coworking offices spring up, it will be important for clients to choose where they work carefully.  The ability to pick a shared coworking office that has the amenities that an individual or a company needs will be paramount.

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