Forward Thinking Companies Look to Small Office Spaces to Help build a Positive Culture

The work world is a very different place than it was just a few years ago.  Employers have adopted many innovative strategies to keep their employees safe by offering flexible work environments balanced with their struggle to keep the bottom line in tow for their companies.  So why do Forward Thinking Companies Look to Small Office Spaces to Help build a Positive Culture?

Forward Thinking Companies Look to Small Office Spaces to Help build a Positive Culture

Legitimacy and Professionalism

Companies are now looking to save money by going hybrid or ditching the large corporate office spaces of the past.  Most also realize that having a small office space like those in coworking offices is a great benefit.  Workers feel more “in the mode” for work when in one of these spaces and clients see your company as more legit when you are working from a modern and sleek office.  Scattered employees can come together in a coworking environment to feel more connected to the goals of your organization and to network, collaborate and legitimize their position within the company and their department.

computer at a coworking space

Flexibility and Control

Coworking spaces allow workers to come and go as they please and as their time constraints allow.    Taking a lunch break when your kids are playing soccer or driving to a doctor’s appointment is no longer an ordeal and there is no “walk of shame” for you when you enter the office after doing some of these tasks that make your life work balance easy.   Workers report that they feel in control and trusted when they can control their schedules and work hours.  Many workers in coworking office spaces love that they can be free and yet have the support of a collaborative and creative environment. 

collaborative work environment


A company that can create a culture that supports workers and makes them loyal and productive is always the dream of employers.  Companies have studied ways that this happens and coworking spaces offer the best environment for smaller companies and start-ups to achieve this feeling of relationship building and productivity.  Some coworking offices offer gym memberships, the latest in business machines and amenities which help to retain great workers and is a real win for building culture and identity.  This feeling allows employees to achieve their goals and feel like they are contributing and building their future with a company. 

3 people in a coworking office

Red Oak Coworking Offices in Downtown Manchester, NH

Red Oak Coworking Offices at 66 Hanover Street in Manchester NH is just the place where you can be successful and your employees will feel supported and productive.  Located in the heart of New Hampshire’s largest city this coworking environment offers a variety of work spaces that range from private or shared offices to open space coworking desks.  All are rented without long term leases, have parking nearby and have all the underlying infrastructure to support the technologies that will drive your business.  Workers love the kitchen space, free coffee, tea and filtered water and free wi-fi.  Lounge areas, a library table, two conference rooms and a soundproof phone booth are great amenities.  You never have to worry about maintenance, cleaning services or utility bills in this space.  The problem of choosing a private office or a coworking office is easy to overcome here.  You can choose just what you need. Be forward looking- Contact Red Oak Coworking for more information and to get your business running smoothly and in a manner that is ready for the future.