How to Make a Private Phone Call in a Coworking Office Space?

How to Make a Private Phone Call in a Coworking Office Space?

The popularity of shared office space is growing with each passing month.  The growth in New Hampshire for these coworking spaces has expanded greatly.  The open layouts are ideal for collaborative and creative work but are not always conducive to making a private phone call.  Many folks have figured out some excellent ways to work around this dilemma.

Create Rules

This applies if you are working with colleagues who are all on your work team.  Sit down with the group to figure out the rules for dealing with those times when you need privacy for phone calls.  The rules may look different for the type of personal call.  It might mean that you work out certain times for private work or setting up a signal system for when you need privacy for calls or work.

Create Quiet Space

You may benefit if you have a private and quiet place to go to when you need alone time.  If there are small meeting rooms where your office is you could use one of them for your private calls or work.  If there is no space like this available a corner in your office may work.  Look for times when your coworkers are out of the office (perhaps at lunch) to make your calls. 

Noise Control

When a lot of people are talking in a shared office space, your voice just becomes part of the background sounds.  Use a low voice and make phone calls in a manner that will not disturb others.  An office with low music can cover up the sound of conversations too.

Arrange Furnishings to Help Control Noise

There are chairs and other furnishings that help to block out sounds.  There are even chairs that are designed to absorb and channel noise away from the main part of a room.  These acoustical furnishings usually have high backs, soft fabric and are perfect to make your phone calls.  A simple room divider or privacy screen can do a lot to keep your conversations private.  Using plants to buffer sound is another great way to keep noise and conversations under control.  Tall plants near your desk or a plant on your desk can be a big help.  They also offers visual privacy which is a good way to start keeping your calls more private.  Some offices are creating phone booth type areas that are sound proof for sales people who need to make a lot of phone calls.  These small spaces usually have the electronic connections and a small table to work on to assist workers. 

Don’t forget why you Choose an Open Office in the First Place

The benefits of a coworking office far outweigh the quest for privacy.  Yes, there are times a pair of headphones will help you block those around you out, but don’t miss out on the collaborative atmosphere either. 

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