Job Seekers Look towards Coworking Private Office Space as an Option to Working from Home

The work scene in New Hampshire has certainly changed in 2020.  Many companies are sending their employees into a permanent work from home setup.  This situation provides workers with flexibility and options for managing their work loads and their time.  When the corona virus pandemic first appeared on the scene, workers were happy to stay at home.  Working in your PJ’s and getting housework tasks done in between calls seemed like a great situation.  Now that the novelty has worn off, many of these same workers are getting bogged down in the mundaneness of working from home. They are finding that work may not be as productive from their house or apartment and the distractions of kids and family and household issues is not so fairytale like.

Working Options

What has emerged from this pandemic is that workers have found that they need some private office space in order to work their best.  For some, this can be accomplished from a home office, but if your living arrangements do not allow for this,  then you need to find alternatives to make work happen for you.  Enter the concept of coworking.  These private and open work spaces are ideal if you need the flexibility to make your productivity soar.  Many Coworking spaces are open 24/7 so you can customize your work hours to fit with your schedule and your client’s needs. 

Think Differently About Working

Staying remote from the office does not always have to mean you work from your house.  Most of us do not have a business center, private phone booths, conference room facilities and places where you can bring a client in to have a meeting.  Coworking centers with private office space allows a worker to have access to these kinds of amenities.  Other perks include free Wi-fi, kitchen and café options, a dedicated mailing address that is professional and the chance to interact with other professionals in a socially distant manner.

Red Oak Coworking offers Private Office Space

Manchester, NH is the largest city in the state of New Hampshire.  The business hub of the state is here in this lively and engaging downtown.  Red Oak Coworking Offices are located in the heart of this business district.  The Daily Mirror Building at 66 Hanover Street is a beautifully restored historic office building that houses the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and the Red Oak Offices.  The coworking spaces are designed to make work productive.  The recent renovations here have produced a sleek, state of the art work environment that is welcoming and productive.  There are various options available at this site.  Try your hand at a cubicle in our open floor space.  The partitions between desks are helpful to keep socially distant.  The space between desks is also spaced to allow for plenty of space between individuals.  You bring your own computer, phone and other materials so you never have to worry about touching other peoples’ things.  Another option would be a private or semi-private office space.  This is certainly a way to keep your distance with just yourself or a known co-worker.   All of these options include the many amenities associated coworking. 

Coworking Amenities

At Red Oak’s Coworking Offices you can take advantage of a business center, free WiFi, conference rooms, a lounge area, sound-proof phone booth space, a kitchen with free coffee, tea and water and a mailing address.  The offices are open 24/7 to allow you to make a schedule that works best for you.  You will never have to worry about where to meet clients when you are here.  Need to take a break from work during the day?  Why not take a walk in beautiful downtown Manchester.  There are many cafes, bars and restaurants in the immediate area.  Many businesses and offices are in this area.  Parking is not a problem when you work here.  A large parking garage is adjacent to the offices. 

Now is the time to get started with the idea of working smart.  The work from home trend is here to stay and offerings at shared coworking offices will be limited in the near future.  Why not choose a large, newly renovated space in the best located address in town? 

What’s the Bottom Line?

Did you know that coworking space is very cost effective?  The users only pay one monthly rental fee to have access to all the amenities.  In addition, you never have to worry about paying for maintenance, cleaning, repairs or insurance.  Many startup companies have found that this is a real help in cutting costs and saving money when they are beginning their businesses. 

Contact Red Oak for information about this great business location and to reap the benefits of working in this shared environment.