Questions to Ask When Searching for a New Coworking Option

The offices to share at Red Oak Coworking have been gaining lots of dedicated followers and users.  The space is bright, modern and set up to help you get your work done in a very productive manner.  Are you searching for a new place to house your start up, consulting business or other enterprise?  We can help you out.  Take a look at our top suggestions for what you should be asking about when you are looking for a new coworking center.

Ask About the Seating Options

Most coworking models offer a variety of seating options and plans.  Start by thinking about what you need to work your best.  Do you like it quiet; do you have a lot of phone calls to make that are sensitive in nature or do you just need a mailing address?  When you know what you need; you can ask for and in turn pay for only what will suit you best.    At Red Oak Coworking we offer daily use plans, coworking plans and private office rentals.  Sound proof phone booth space is provided here too.  These options make it easy for you to choose the office that will work for you and your business.

Ask about the Perks that are Included in your Plan

Do you need hard wired internet, conference room space, a podcast room, private phone booths or other perks?  Ask away when you tour a space.  Before you commit to a high monthly cost for these amenities make sure that you will use them.  Are there options that allow you to pay only for the amenities you use.  Can you bring in your own printer or phone?  In these kinds of spaces, you will never have to worry about cleaning, maintenance or supplies as they are often included.  At Red Oak Coworking you can also use the kitchen and lounge areas, use the free WiFi and have a mailing address.

Ask who Else Works There

People like coworking because it offers opportunities to meet other like-minded workers.  Networking can build your contacts and lead to new business for you.  It can also foster an atmosphere of learning new things and building relationships.  Some coworking offices host monthly sessions on topics that will benefit the users.  Ask if you can bring in a guest from time to time.  Some offices allow you to pay a small guest fee for this service.

Ask if there is a Trial Period for you to Use the Space

If coworking is new to you, you might not know if it will be a good fit for your business.  Ask if there is a trial period for a few weeks so that you can see for yourself if the set-up works.  You might try a plan that is less expensive on this trial period and find that it will work for you.  The office will be glad to upgrade you if you find you want a different plan.  Ask if you can upgrade or downsize at any other points in your lease term.  Better yet, ask about month to month leasing for the space you want.

Ask About the Kind of Coffee Service That is Included

Let’s face it, coffee is important.  If you are particular about your daily fix of Joe you might ask to try a cup of coffee when you tour.   Many coworking centers also offer tea, hot chocolate or filtered water too.  Drink away it’s free at Red Oak Coworking.

Take a Tour

The shared offices at Red Oak are located in the heart of the city of Manchester, NH. The historic Daily Mirror Building at 66 Hanover Street has been renovated to meet the needs of modern workers.  You will love your corporate neighbors as the Manchester Chamber of Commerce is right in the building.  You are steps away from coffee shops, restaurants, City Hall, banks and other key businesses.    Parking is never a problem as there is a parking garage across the street from the offices.  Contact us for a tour.