Remote Learning Made Easy in a Coworking Space

Distraction free space at home is hard to find these days.  Parents are working from home, teachers are navigating trying to reach their students via technology, college students are trying hybrid class schedules and younger students are finding out how to navigate remote learning, hybrid learning or a mix of both.  This makes for a household full of distractions, interruptions and lost learning and teaching time.   The Coronavirus has taught us that to be successful we must be innovative and clever in how we navigate these obstacles.  

Coworking Offers a Distraction Free Zone for Remote Learners

Many parents who are trying to deal with a mix of remote, hybrid or on-line classes for their children are turning to coworking spaces to help their remote learners out.  Coworking office space offers an inexpensive way to create an environment that is conducive to focus and learning.  Remote learners don’t want to sit in the house all day and parents don’t have the internet band-width for multiple learners with all their devices.  Going to a coworking office provides a quiet and comfortable space with ample wi-fi, spacious desk space, meeting rooms for conferences with other learners and a kitchen for breaks and lunch.    College students can elect to meet with their learning groups in the office space or via platforms like Zoom.  Many coworking offices offer sound proof rooms for making phone calls or video conferencing.  The act of traveling to the space gives learners the feeling of “going” to school.  This can create a mind-set that is ready for study and productive academics. 

Teachers Love Coworking Offices

If you are an instructor or professor a coworking office that is private and secure is the perfect solution for you.  You can easily schedule student video conferences, tutoring with platforms like Zoom and even set up for instruction and lectures from the space.  Many of these offer large private offices that can easily accommodate the video equipment needed to give lectures and instruction remotely.  These office spaces are quiet, brightly furnished and loaded with office amenities like a copy and fax center, HD video screens and hard wired Internet.  You can be assured of privacy for your students and yourself in this kind of space. 

Parents who Work Remotely Can Bring their Student to the Office with them

Many workers have been told that they can work from home or remotely for many months to come.  This creates a problem if they have students who need to also be working and focusing on their school work.  If there is only space for one of you from home a shared office may be just the answer for you.  A worker can focus on the learning for their child and then focus on their work without the many distractions at home.  There will be no problem with a child trying to watch their favorite TV program or sleeping in if they are with you in a coworking office.  There are the problems of making sure you can both work together in this situation, and you don’t want your child wandering off without you in an office, but the setting can work for the right student with the correct mindset and in more advanced school programs.

Red Oak Coworking

Red Oak Coworking is located in the heart of Manchester NH at 66 Hanover Street.  These new and bright offices and shared spaces offer a creative and focused environment for working and learning.  Features that are helpful include private and semi-private offices, shared coworking spaces, a  sound proof phone booth, conference rooms, use of white boards, a kitchen with free water and coffee and a lounge.  Wi-fi is free in the shared spaces and hard wired Internet is located in the private and semi-private offices.  Parking in our parking garage is easy and convenient.   Using a coworking office for your remote learners offers a cost effective way to solve a problem that many face in these times.  You will find that this type of office can be the best way for you to be professional in your work too. Contact us.