Is a space in Coworking Better than an Executive Office?

Starting and maintaining a strong business means that you must constantly be thinking about ways to help your business endeavors flourish.  A question that comes up regularly is when is a space in coworking better than an executive office?  As a leading provider of exceptional coworking accomodations, Red Oak Coworking Offices is in a unique position to offer advice on this question.  Let’s take a look at the advantages of Coworking Office space vs Executive Office Space.

Coworking Offers Unique Advantages

If the pandemic of 2020/2021 has taught us nothing else…it is that working from home can be productive but isolating.  Some small businesses have struggled to grow and flourish in a home office environment because it is sometimes difficult to collaborate.  The cost of working from home is certainly cheaper in terms of rent, but the cost of office machines is high, the availability of high quality conferencing equipment and office amenities is poor.

This is when thinking about coworking options instead of an executive office that requires a long term lease can be a big advantage to you and your business.  Flexibility is a key component of a coworking office.  The challenges of business have shown us that being able to adapt to change and be flexible is helpful to your company’s growth.  In a coworking center you can re-locate or shift employees as needed throughout the space or add more business locations in other coworking centers that are close to new customers and even allow workers to be in an office that is convenient to their homes.  This kind of flexibility is impossible in an office that you have rented for a long term in a set location.   Networking and building camaraderie is easy to do at coworking.  It is easy to connect and partner with businesses that can support your growth in this type of endeavor.    Many find that a simple conversation over lunch in the coworking kitchen can lead to many opportunities that could never happen if you are working from home.  An executive office will not allow for collaboration with other workers from a variety of businesses all under one roof like a coworking space will do.

Privacy can be achieved in a private office in a coworking space.  These spaces often have dedicated Internet, individual controls for heat and air conditioning as well as the ability to hold private meetings.  If you have a larger group coming in for a meeting, conference room space in the coworking building can be helpful.   Private offices in a coworking space also help to reduce noise distractions and are great for team discussions.  In a dedicated office space that you rent just for your business you can achieve this privacy much more easily.  It is up to you to determine if the high price you pay to lease these executive office spaces is worth the price especially when you can achieve privacy in a coworking office.

Reduced Costs at Coworking 

When a company decides to rent an office there are many costs to consider.  First and foremost there is the monthly rent.  Most leases for executive office space requires a multi-year lease.  The average length of these leases is 5 years.  That’s a long time to be locked into a contract.  What if your company grows and expands?  Will the space be able to accommodate this growth?  What if your customer base changes and you need to be in a different location?  A long term lease is not conducive to moving on.  You must also think about buying office furniture, business machines, Internet connectivity, pay for insurance, housekeeping, a lunch room and durable office supplies.   

At coworking, all of these tasks and costs are taken care of for you.  You simply come into the location, plug in your computer and get to work.   If you have team members who work on a rotating schedule you can opt for spaces that will accommodate them on the days that they are working.  This is a great way for on the road sales persons and freelancers to have a place to work when they are not out on calls or on the road. You will not need to buy office machines and furniture or worry about maintenance and cleaning either.  Insurance costs are a thing of the past as are the worries about emergency after hours calls.  

Red Oak Coworking Offices in Manchester New Hampshire

Red Oak Coworking Offices at 66 Hanover Street in Manchester NH is just the place where you can be successful and your employees will feel supported and productive.  Located in the heart of New Hampshire’s largest city this coworking environment offers a variety of work spaces that range from private or shared offices to open space coworking desks.  All are rented without long term leases, have parking nearby and have all the underlying infrastructure to support the technologies that will drive your business.  Workers love the kitchen space, free coffee, tea and filtered water and free wi-fi.  Lounge areas, a library table, two conference rooms and a soundproof phone booth are great amenities.  You never have to worry about maintenance, cleaning services or utility bills in this space.  The problem of choosing a private office or a coworking office is easy to overcome here.  You can choose just what you need.   Contact Red Oak Coworking for more information and to get your business running smoothly and in a manner that is ready for the future.