What do Coworking Office Users Value in their Workspace?

What do Coworking Office Users Value in their Workspace?

Today’s savvy workforce is committed to finding workplaces that meet all their business needs. Shared space is a key factor when they decide where to work or start up a business.  When start-up innovators and single proprietor businesses were asked what they look for and value the most in a coworking office space we were amazed at their answers and proud to say that our coworking space offers them just what they crave.

Pet Friendly Workspaces

Our furry friends make everyday better and the folks that were surveyed said they agree.  19% of workers want to bring their pets with them to work.  They believe that having a pet with them helps to reduce stress and nurture productivity.  Pets remind people to take breaks from their work, get up and be moving and to be calm.  Some offices have a pet fee that comes with the privilege of bringing Fido to work.  You should also be aware of any other fees that may be assessed if you have a pet that does any damage to the office space.  There are some folks who prefer to work in a pet free environment.  It might be that they have allergies or are easily distracted by a pet.   Red Oak’s Coworking offices do not allow pets, but you can get this benefit by setting up a doggy cam at your home and taking breaks to check in with your dog from your office.  Many of these cameras now even come with a voice component or a way to dispense a treat to your pet remotely.  How fun is that?

Free Internet

It’s hard to imagine an office without free internet or wi-fi.  This kind of digital presence is a must have for 99% of those polled.  Not only does it allow you to stay ahead of your competition, grow more quickly and offer solutions for communication among workers it is the “juice” that fuels devices and networks.  The average person has 8 networked devices.  You need a coworking environment that can support all this technology.  At Red Oak’s Coworking offices we have a combination of hard-wired internet and free Wi-Fi to support all your business requirements.  If security is a concern, know that protocols are in place to address these issues here.   Our secure network can only be accessed by our members and is protected by a next-generation firewall.  There are multi-factor authentication systems that ensures safety.  You can use the network to schedule time in the conference rooms, communicate with others on your team or order lunch from across the street.  How convenient is that!

All Inclusive Amenities

All inclusive means you can save money while you work from a shared space.  This is ideal if you are looking to save costs as you start or grow your business.  What does all inclusive mean at Red Oak’s Coworking offices?  When you rent an office or a coworking space here you have no set-up costs at all. Furniture, movers, utilities, appliances, office machines, kitchen supplies, coffee, cleaning crews and maintenance are all taken care of for you.  You just need to show up and start working.   Some other benefits that are complimentary are the ability to network with others in the space, share expertise and be close to the best area in town that will help your business thrive.  98% of coworkers feel that this is a great benefit to these office spaces. 

Proximity to a City Center or Business Center

The hub of any city is a thriving downtown where government and private enterprises coexist and benefit mutually.  The economic importance of city centers is the heart of any community.  A quarter of all private sector jobs are in city centers.  These businesses are your ideal customers.  A coworking space like Red Oak has at 66 Hanover Street in Manchester NH is just steps to the business and entertainment hub of New Hampshire’s largest city.  71% of those polled believe that this is essential to their business.  Many believe that the ability to get out and be where people are and to spread their business ideas through face to face interactions are more likely to occur in a city center where people and the arts thrive.  City centers and business hubs also are where support organizations like the Chamber of Commerce will be found.  In Manchester the Chamber of Commerce shares the building with Red Oak’s Coworking Offices.

Community Atmosphere

Every business likes to be in a place that is thriving and alive, full of activity and good vibes.  These kinds of places are where people like to come and where a creative and entrepreneurial sprit live.  The center of downtown Manchester is just such a place.  There are people who live, work and play in this center city.  There are over 1500 families who live in apartments in the center of town.  They bring a lot of spending power to restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.  The arts are also a contributing factor to the area.  The Hanover street area of Manchester is in the arts and theatre district.  There are numerous venues for music, studios for art, learning spaces for painting, pottery and creativity.  The gemstone in this area is the historic Palace Theatre and the newly opened Rex Theatre.  Thousands of people flock to the area for these places.  Your business will love it here too.  47% of those who were surveyed believe that this kind of community atmosphere helps their business.  Some admit, that it helps their mind set to know that when they are done with work, they can enjoy this neighborhood for their own entertainment and networking. 

Flexible Workspaces

63% of people believe that flexibility is important in their workspaces.  Shared space is truly what this is all about.  A coworking space can mean many things.  You can opt for a private or shared office that is just for you and your business.  Some folks like an open work area where they can drop in and get work done on their schedule.  Flexible spaces also mean that there are places for lounging, meeting casually with others, sharing in a conference room setting or eating and preparing lunch or coffee in a kitchen space.  If privacy is a concern sound proof rooms or phone booths are the latest thing to hit coworking spaces.  At Red Oak Coworking Offices all of these features are a big hit with our workers. 

Red Oak Coworking Offices

Manchester, NH's newest coworking offices are located in the heart of the city.  This location at 66 Hanover Street allows you to walk to local restaurants, businesses, City Hall and coffee shops.  Parking is plentiful in this area.  There is a parking garage next door that our clients can rent at a reduced rate.  Contact us for more info.