Where are the Offices to Share at Red Oak?

The shared private offices that Red Oak operates in downtown Manchester are very popular.  Workers love the bright and modern spaces that are available for them to get their best work done.  Conference rooms, a kitchen area, lounge spaces, a business machine center, free wifi, a private phone call area and a variety of private and semi-private office spaces are what draws a loyal following to the offices.  The location in the heart of downtown Manchester is also one of the biggest attractions.

Where are We Located?

One of the big questions we get is about the location of our beautiful office spaces.  The offices are in the beautiful and historic Daily Mirror Office Building at 66 Hanover Street.  This location is one of the most photographed and recognized streets in all of Manchester. The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce occupies the first floor of the building and you are within walking distance to many businesses, restaurants and coffee shops.  This is a great resource to our coworking clients.   The private and semi private offices are located just up the elevator to the second floor.  They are in Suite 200.  The hallways, lobby area and entry to the offices have all been totally renovated and it is a great way to make a good first impression on your clients and coworkers.  Folks love entering the building and seeing the bright and spacious lobby area and appreciate the elevator to the second floor.  The coworking offices themselves are decorated in a vibrant and warm color scheme that promotes a creative work environment.  If you are wondering if this is a well-traveled and vibrant part of downtown, let us assure you that it is.  The area is one that attracts many people on foot and because it is across the street from a parking garage you can expect that your clients will never have a problem parking and getting to your office.  

What about the Neighborhood?

Hanover Street is in the center of the Central Business District.  There are many coffee shops, restaurants and businesses on the street.  It is the heart of the city and intersects with the main street in Manchester at City Hall.  Hanover Street is in the Arts and Theatre District of the city so there is always a lot of activity both during the day and in the evenings. This location on Hanover Street has easy access to public transportaion and parking.

What about Parking?

Parking in downtown Manchester is not a problem if you work at the Red Oak Coworking Offices.  There are lots of spaces on the street and the Red Oak Parking Garage is across the street.  We offer a low monthly rate to our coworking clients.  The garage offers covered parking so you never have to worry about your car being out in the elements.

What are you waiting for?

There has never been a better time to work in the city.  The office spaces at Red Oak Coworking are rented month to month so there is no need for a long-term commitment.  We invite you to try our shared space out for our low introductory rate.  (Promotion is subject to change)  We offer tours at your convenience.  Just call or text us at 603-668-8282 and we can set up a good time for you to come by. We offer a variety of plans and office types.  Some people work best in a private office, others like a shared office where they can collaborate with a co-worker easily, others still like an open environment with lots of activity and interactions.  Don't worry about privacy.  Most shared spaces have sound-proof rooms or phone booth type areas where you can have a private conversation or make a phone call.  

Contact us and let’s get started.