Why POLYWORK is the New Way to Achieve Personal Success

Millennials and Gen Z’ers are entering the work force in droves and they are changing the face of the culture of work.    Many have a strong desire to be recognized for all of their talents and interests rather than one job title or the college they attended.  A single title does not define them, they contend, and they have adopted work habits that reflect this.   Read about Why polywork is the New Way to Achieve Personal Success.


Many of these young workers have decided to shed a single work title and have opted for several jobs to keep themselves employed.    These jobs are often part time and many can be done almost in tandem.  The polywork trend can be seen in many areas of work.  I’ll bet you know someone who may be an engineer by day and a musician by night or weekend.  Throw in a few hours a week doing promotions and social media shout outs and you have a polyworker.  These jobs do not all require a 9 to 5 presence but they can help the worker feel enriched, productive and creative.   Polyworkers contend that a single label can be arbitrary and limiting.  I know that many jobs require good writing skills and a person who has a passion for that may be just the creative part time worker you need and it fulfills their desire to write creatively.  Employers should be open minded to part timers who bring them certain talents on an as needed basis as well. 

Polywork Social Networks

Keeping in touch with like-minded individuals is easy with the community-first makeup of polywork networks.   @PolyworkHQ is an online twitter community that allows users to upload badges that represent their work interests and make connections that can help them achieve success in the many fields that may interest them.  Early users find it to be a positive experience.

Coworking Office Space and Polyworkers

Individuals who pursue polywork need a place to work that allows them the freedom to achieve success by doing many different jobs.  A Coworking space is ideal for this.  A worker can devote a number of hours each day to each of their interests/jobs and never have to waste time traveling from one office to another or to try to do it from home after a regular 40 hour a week job.  A coworking office offers workers lots of support from other like-minded individuals and has all the office and business support that is required to do the job.  Coworking offices that offer flexible leasing and month to moth terms can be just the thing to help a polyworker to be successful.  75% of young professionals now polywork or want to and many feel that they can be more successful with their duties and passions as activists, speakers or mentors to name just a few chosen interests. 

Red Oak Coworking Offices in Downtown Manchester NH

Red Oak Coworking Offices at 66 Hanover Street in Manchester NH is just the place where you can be successful and your employees will feel supported and productive.  Located in the heart of New Hampshire’s largest city this coworking environment offers a variety of work spaces that range from private or shared offices to open space coworking desks.  All are rented without long term leases, have parking nearby and have all the underlying infrastructure to support the technologies that will drive your business.  Workers love the kitchen space, free coffee, tea and filtered water and free wi-fi.  Lounge areas, a library table, two conference rooms and a soundproof phone booth are great amenities.  You never have to worry about maintenance, cleaning services or utility bills in this space.  The problem of choosing a private office or a coworking office is easy to overcome here.  You can choose just what you need.   Contact Red Oak Coworking for more information and to get your business running smoothly and in a manner that is ready for the future.