Is Working from Home Getting to be a Drag?

When the Corona Virus hit the United States, companies sent many of their workers home to work.  Months into the pandemic many have been told that they can work from home permanently.  There was rejoicing when this announcement came from corporate headquarters all over the region; but now workers are weary of the routines established when working from home.

The Down Sides to Working from Home

Workers we have spoken to cite problems with decreased productivity because there are many distractions from home.  The kids, family members and even the dog can hamper your ability to get work done effectively.  Many folks feel that collaboration suffers when working from home too.  Sure, there are those daily Zoom calls, but what if you have a few quick questions for someone.  Rather than see them in the office you have to call (maybe a number of times) and hope they answer the phone.  Workers feel isolated and disconnected from the goals and excitement of working at the office.  This adversely affects goal achievement for your company or department.  For some, working from home means they can’t seem to turn off work.  They are virtually working all the time and their work-life balance is disproportionate.  When you never leave your home and get dressed for work you may slip into unhealthy lifestyle habits too.  Remember those lunchtime walks and healthy lunches you used to pack?  Now they have been replaced with oversized sweatpants and lots of soda and salty calorie filled snacks all day long. 

Choose a Coworking Office to Beat the Work from Home Blues

Coworking offices offer a professional place for you to beat the drudgery and problems that you experience in your home office.  There are many upsides to renting one of these shared spaces.  Coworking or shared offices are built for collaboration and connecting.  They can also accommodate social distancing too.  Many have conference rooms, sound-proof phone rooms and super-fast internet.  Making a connection with the people in a coworking office is easy because they all share your desire to be with other workers, you can oftentimes find a partner who can help you with your projects here.  Coworking sites force you to get out of your house and this can improve your mood, help define the work vs home time battle and ensures that you will not be interrupted by family members, pets or neighbors.  Many coworking offices are open for extended hours so you schedule your time here to fit in with your business needs.  Coworking offices supply state of the art copiers, conference equipment and many other office amenities that you need too.

Red Oak Coworking Offices

There are a lot of valid reasons why working in a coworking office is helpful.  Being in an inspired environment that is good for your bottom line and attracts inspiring individuals is just what you can look forward to at Red Oak’s Coworking Offices.  You will find this space in the heart of downtown Manchester NH at 66 Hanover Street.  The space is bright and modern with high tech bonuses like free wi-fi, high speed internet, video conference rooms, sound proof phone booth space and a full business center.  Add in a kitchen, lounge areas and easy parking options and you are ensured a great work environment.  Want to enjoy the city too?  The space is just steps to coffee shops, restaurants and the business and entertainment hub of the city.  A variety of office types and price points helps you to start off your business and grow when you need to expand.  Check out the Coworking office spaces