Working in a Shared Coworking Open Office Boosts Your Feelings of Belonging

Joining a coworking environment is smart if you want to save money, get lots of work done and be in a central collaborative environment.  But what about feeling part of a team or having “friends” at work?

You Have to Put in a Little Effort

Meeting people in a creative shared space like coworking can sometimes be challenging.  Some workers are there at odd hours, or travel part of their work week.  This is what makes work productive for them and is probably one of the main reasons they chose coworking in the first place.   If you are in a shared office space and want to meet others you do have to put in some effort.  Try introducing yourself when you first start using the space.  Whenever you see a new client you could say hello and make them feel comfortable. 

Look for Workers in the Same Kind of Business as You Are

If you are an engineer and 2 other engineers are working in the coworking center you could reach out and see if there might some collaboration for your companies.  You might have expertise in environmental engineering and it could be just what they are looking for.  You will build your business this way.

Organize Planned Events

If your coworking model does not do this on a routine basis, ask if you could plan and host an event.  You could invite your clients and the others who work in the shared space.  You would be showing your clients you have a “real” office and you can showcase your services and knowledge.

Red Oak Coworking Offices

The offices to share at Red Oak Coworking are in the heart of the business and arts district of downtown Manchester at 66 Hanover Street.  Coworking desks, shared offices, private offices and conference room spaces are options in this new and modern space. Walk to shops, cafes, City Hall and businesses. Parking options are available.

We would be happy to show you this amazing office space.  Contact us.