Is it Co-Working or Coworking?

Is it coworking or co-working?

The move to work independently and to maintain a professional place of work is an ever-popular way to be productive.  To do this in a cost-effective manner many workers use coworking office space. Before we get started talking about why it’s is so great let’s get one question out of the way.

How do you spell coworking?  Some say is should be coworking while others say co-working.  Which is correct?

We are here to set the record straight.

Coworking Definition

According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of coworking is: The use of a shared working environment for independent activities by different organizations.

Co-working Definition

Co-working is a verb. Co-working’s definition is: Working in the same space with employees from the same company. The people you work with are your co-workers.

The difference is subtle but each does carry a distinct shift in meaning.  The hyphen changes the meaning from working in a place where each person is independent of the other to people who are employed by the same organization and working in the same place.  The use of the hyphen makes the meanings distinct from each other.

So… Do You Want to Work in a Coworking Office?

Now that we know the meaning of the terms, what should you focus on for your independent business to thrive? Choosing coworking offices is usually for the person who wants an enriching environment to work and possibly collaborate with others from a variety of businesses.  This kind of work environment makes it easy to build a strong network of contractors and collaborators working in the same space.  

Red Oak Coworking in Manchester NH is a hub for business development, start-up companies and young entrepreneurs.  Offering a class A office experience without having to worry about long term leases, the upkeep of the office, taxes on the building or even daily cleaning services to keep the office looking and running its best.   Best of all the price is very affordable.