5 Tips for Running Your Business From a Coworking Office Space

Coworking Office Space has transformed the way business is conducted for many entrepreneurs.  Here are our top tips for making this new way to do business work for you.

Make a Schedule

To get the most out of your coworking office space, set a schedule for yourself to keep focused on your business goals and tasks.  Have regular hours and stick to them.

Use Social Media

Just because your company is in a shared space doesn't mean you can't promote yourself.  Use social media platforms to boast about your services, expertise and products.  Let people know that you have business hours and how they can contact you or stop by the office to meet with you.

Be Automated

Install useful apps on your phone to track finances and logistics.  There are many high quality ones to look into.  We like, Profit Story which can be used to track sales, profit margins and transactions in a cost effective way.  Don't discount Google G-Suite services for their usefulness too.

Minimize Multi-tasking

If you are the sole proprietor of a business you may feel like you have to do everything at once.  Be careful as this leads to burn out and chaos for your business.  Instead of tyring to be a super hero, concentrate on focused working.  This helps to  minimize errors, increase effectiveness and ensure that more tasks get completed.  The quality of your work will be excellent and you'll feel more accomplished.

Choose a Coworking Office Space Wisely

Choosing a coworking office space that has all the amenities you need is a task in and of itself.  The shared offices at Red Oak in Manchester, New Hampshire are a leader in offering an open workspace of today and small office space for rent with many amenities.  The offices offer free WiFi, conference rooms, a kitchen space, lounge areas, a mailing address and a business center.  Contact Red Oak for more information.