How to Make Your Coworking Job Stand Out on a Resume

Are you an individual who is working for a company in what is termed a remote location?  No--- it's not Alaska, but maybe you are a lone worker from home or a shared office environment.  When it's time to move on and change companies- how do you make the experience stand out in a positive way?

Write Your Resume with Coworking Experience as an Objective

Your resume is your place to brag.  Shout out your remote work as a career move that enhanced your abilities, work capacity and accomplishments.  Discuss how coworking helped you to successfully achieve your objectives.  Your future employer will be impressed with your initiative.

Use the Coworking Address

Make sure that you use the address of the coworking location that you worked out of on your resume.  A location shows a future employer that you were motivated to go to a professional place of business to work on a daily basis.

Highlight Coworking Achievements in the Skills Section

Another way to make your coworking job stand out on a resume is to make sure that when you put your resume together that you are specific about the accomplishments that you achieved while working in an independent role in a coworking office.  Highlight how your focus and drive are what helped you to attain your goals.  Be specific about how these achievements helped the bottom line for the business you worked for.  If you were able to network with others in the shared office space let your resume show this too.  It will highlight your ability to work well with others and a desire for collaboration. 

Coworking Workspace is Plentiful

As this concept of shared office space becomes more prevalent and popular, employers will be more readily accustomed to seeing this on resumes.  When you choose a coworking environment to work from-select one that is in a professional building and has all the amenities that will make your work time productive and successful.  In Manchester, NH choose Red Oak at 66 Hanover Street.  This new and modern space offers all that you need to succeed.  Complimentary WiFi, meeting rooms, a business center, lounges, a kitchen and a private phone booth are all amenities that enhance your work day.