Why a NH Start Up Business Loves Coworking Office Space

Many folks dream of starting their own business.  This is especially true when economic times change and job markets shift.  A start up business is a great way to highlight your talents and skills and accomplish your dream of owning and controlling your destiny. 

NH is a great State to Start a Business

New Hampshire is a state that has many tax benefits for small businesses and start up companies.  Maybe that’s why 93% of NH’s companies are small businesses or start up companies.  The state is unique in that the tax environment supports new business and there is a wealth of high-tech know how here.  Think Dartmouth College, UNH and Southern New Hampshire University for starters.  The state also boasts big city living without the big city hassles when you consider working and living in hip places like Manchester or Portsmouth.  These cities are filled with interesting art venues, theatre and culture opportunities and great schools.  Dining out and recreation is always available in these places.  There are initiatives from  a NH foundation called Stay, Work and Play to encourage workers to call NH their home.

Why is NH so Business Friendly?

Location is always a major consideration when starting a business. NH is located in the heart of New England.  It is easy to get anywhere from here.  We border Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont so there are opportunities to cast a wide net for potential customers for your business.  The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is also a big plus for businesses.  Traveling throughout the state is easy as the interstate highway system is efficient and has been expanded and improved over the past few years.  Need to reach customers in Boston?  The access to rail transportation is not difficult from the seacoast or from Lowell, Massachusetts just over the southern border of NH.  Government is accessible here too.  There are resources from the state to help new businesses get started.   Licensing fees and permits are reasonable and easy to obtain.  Every business owner knows that the ability to make a profit is important too.  NH has the best tax climate for businesses.  All these reasons make entrepreneurs want to try their hand at a start up business here. 

Why Use a Coworking Office to Start your new Business?

There are many reasons to start your business in a shared coworking office environment.  Here are some of the most beneficial.

Affordable Office Choices: 

A Coworking Office will offer a wide range of price options, desk and office configurations and amenities.  Many of these spaces offer a la cart pricing, but it is often more economical and easier to find an office that offers an all- inclusive plan.  Renting a coworking office usually includes lots of perks like free wi-fi, upscale furniture, conference rooms, lounge space, kitchen areas, free coffee and a mailing address.  When you rent an office like this you never have to worry about upkeep, cleaning or maintenance.

Signing a Lease: 

Coworking Offices offer a variety of plans.  Some are done by the hour, day or by the amenities used.  Others offer a professional space on a month to month basis.  Some do not require long-term leases.   This is great for start-ups as you can up-size your office needs as your business grows. 

Building a Network of Like-minded Professionals:   

Many coworking spaces offer an opportunity to network and meet other professionals.  Some of these connections could become customers for your business.  Oftentimes they can become your resources too.  Let’s say you are starting up your company and find you need insurance.  If there is an agent who uses the coworking office space you might want to connect and utilize their expertise.   In addition, some shared offices host networking events or receptions that cover topics that may benefit your new business.  Networking can also extend to the community as a whole.  Look for a coworking space that is close to a thriving business atmosphere, the local Chamber of Commerce, banks and restaurants.  If attending formal events and receptions is not your thing, you can also network over the coffee station in your coworking office.   This is an awesome way to make connections, form new work relationships and partnerships and learn from one another.  I guarantee that you can all learn from the stories that prompted each of you to start your business and to bond over the real struggles of starting up. 

Blocking Out Distractions: 

Let’s face it, working from home has some high lights, but the risk of constant distractions and interruptions is real there.  A Coworking space gives you a professional place to go everyday where you can concentrate and give your new business all the attention it needs.  Your productivity will go way up and your satisfaction will boom.  

Stamp out Loneliness: 

Networking for business is important, but having opportunities to connect with other people is uplifting and motivating.  A coworking space can alleviate this problem.  Seeing others, having coffee breaks together, sharing stories and possibly having lunch together can be a great way to combat lack of human interaction.

Services that Coworking Offices Can Offer Start-up Companies

A new company has many expenses and tasks to concentrate on every day.  Imagine having a work space that offers you a lot of services that you never have to worry about.  All shared spaces are different, but many will offer kitchen facilities, coffee services, sound-proof rooms or phone booths for private calls, conference rooms and more.  Never worry about furniture costs, wi-fi, light and heat bills, cleaning and maintenance again.  These spaces are great to meet clients, conduct trainings or to interview new hires too.

Red Oak Coworking Offices

In Manchester, NH, start up companies love the new coworking office space from Red Oak Coworking Offices at 66 Hanover Street.  When they are looking for small office space for rent they look to this location as it offers so much to help their business to grow and prosper.   Red Oak offers a cost-effective way to work at your business.  Many entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing to relocate here as the location is in the heart of the business and arts district of the city.  Access to banks, the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, insurance agencies, commercial services and financial institutions are within walking distance to this location.   Wondering about parking?  The Red Oak Coworking offices are located just across the street from Red Oak’s parking garage.  We offer a discounted price to our coworking clients who wish to use this parking garage.  There are many other parking choices available in the downtown.  Street parking or a city parking garage are options for you too.    The Red Oak Coworking Offices offer private offices, shared offices, coworking offices and open shared spaces.  There is a lounge, conference rooms, free wi-fi, a sound-proof phone booth and kitchen space.  You can get your mail at this location too.  Contact us for more information and get ready to see your business soar!