Work from Home? Don’t Panic When You Need to Meet with Clients!

Whether you work from home and are growing your own business, or are working remotely for someone else, in-person meetings are likely a fact of life. But when your meeting isn’t occurring at another person’s office, what do you do?

As usual, your list of options and concerns flows through your head:

  1. I really wish I could meet with them here at my home office. But there are the toys, the pets, the inconvenient location. Hopefully the kids won’t be home. It also feels a little uncomfortable inviting a business associate into my private home.
  2. There is that coffee shop I've used before. But it was a bit loud, so it was difficult to have a private conversation. Plus they were cleaning tables around us as people came and went. Isn’t there something better?
  3. Now that I think about it, I could really use a white board and screen to share information at this meeting. But it looks like we will be huddling together over my laptop. Somewhere.

It Does NOT Have to Be Like This!

Have you heard about coworking offices - also known as shared office space? You can rent a professional office space or conference room anytime you have a meeting! At Red Oak, we rent the use of our entire downtown Manchester coworking space for only $49/day. In the case of meeting with a business associate, the cost would cover the use of either of our two conference rooms with flat panel screens, our 8-seat library table in the open shared space, comfortable lounge areas, portable white boards, WiFi, coffee/water, and more.

If you need to meet with people on a regular basis and/or would like the option of working at one of our workstations with sit/stand desks and 24/7 access, our next plan up is $99/month and is month-to-month. We also have private office rentals available month-to-month.

The moral of the story is that you don’t have to worry the next time you need to meet a client, colleague or other professional associate. Meet them in a class A business environment in the heart of Manchester’s downtown business district. You’ll look like the professional you are, and will be better able to focus on the objective of your meeting.

If you can relate and would like to learn more about or schedule a tour, please call or text us at 603-668-8282.