From Working on Your Kitchen Table to Killing it in an Executive Suite in 24 Hours or Less!

Work…we all have to do it.  It’s what helps us pay the bills, be creative, better ourselves and to contribute to the greater good.  Work brings a lot of satisfaction to us all.  It is what we talk about, think about at night and what we strive to always do better and improve upon.  Many folks today work from home and are looking for an easy way to up their professionalism and stop working from their kitchen table or in the back corner of a noisy coffee shop.

Changes in How we Work

The traditional work place has changed over the years.  Gone are the days where one boss dictates to a large group of workers.  Today’s work flow breeds creativity and independence.  Free lancers, entrepreneurs and start-up companies are the norm.  Work places no longer require the old-fashioned 200+square feet of office space.  In fact, most workers today are looking for about 40-50 square feet of office space for themselves.  These Executive Office Suites feature much larger, cooler and innovative common spaces, natural light and thoughtful design.  The ability to do your best work with the support that these open and common areas offer is what work is all about now.

It's Fast and Easy to Secure an Executive Suite Just For You

When entrepreneurs choose a private space in a shared office environment, they are immediately productive.  An executive office suite is all set up for them, furniture is provided and an instant business address is ready for them.  Networking with other like-minded business owners is easy in these executive suites.  When your business expands you can simply begin to rent more space right where you are.   Many of these types of situations are in beautiful office buildings in fantastic locations.  This can help grow your business and make a big first impression on your clients.  It’s as easy as making a phone call to a shared space or coworking office to get started.  If there is available space you can often be in your own private office within a day or two.

Common Areas in Offices

Don’t let the term Coworking frighten you.  You can have your own private and professional space to do your work in these settings.    Sometimes you will see them labeled as serviced offices, business centers or turn key offices.  This terminology is used to attract a variety of workers to the spaces.  The main thing for you to remember is that you will have space that supports you and your work.  Think about it, if you had your own leased office space you would need wi-fi, business machines, a break/lounge area, house keeping services, repair and upkeep expertise and a place to hold meetings or work with new clients.  A common office experience does all this for you.  And it does it very well.  Your costs will be lower and you can focus on what is most important…YOUR business!

Business Evolves

The most successful businesses are ones that can change and adapt to the newest and latest trends.  These common offices are just that.  Shift your mind set and stay relevant by taking advantage of the opportunity that arises from this experience.    Let a new paradigm for business thinking be your mantra as you grow your business. 

Choose a Reputable Company from which to Rent your Office

If you are looking for a professional company with over 36 years’ experience in the rental business then look no further than Red Oak Coworking Offices in Manchester, NH.  This company has a beautifully renovated office environment with shared and private space for businesses to do their best work.  Located at the Historic Daily Mirror Building in the heart of downtown’s business center. The modern, bright and creative vibe here is a large contributing factor to the success of businesses. Parking is convenient and easy.  Enjoy many professional corporate neighbors including the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Citizen’s Bank and Manchester’s City Hall.  Contact them for information and a tour of this beautiful space.