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Forward Thinking Companies Look to Small Office Spaces to Help build a Positive Culture

The work world is a very different place than it was just a few years ago.  Employers have adopted many innovative strategies to keep their employees safe by offering flexible work environments balanced with their struggle to keep the bottom line in tow for their companies.  So why do Forward Thinking Companies Look to Small Office Spaces to Help build a Positive Culture?

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Coworking in the “New Normal”

Coworking is a trend that is here to stay.  As work shifts into a semblance of the “new normal’ we see that workers will focus on continuing to prosper and grow their businesses.  Coworking spaces with social distancing, open spaces and a feeling of working cooperatively will flourish.  What are the main changes you may notice when coworking in the “New Normal”?

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Why a Coworking Office will be your Workspace within Three Years.

Coworking Offices are here to stay.  According to the publication Business 2 Community, the trend is stronger than ever despite the troubles that giants like WeWork have experienced.  Their troubles have in fact helped to boost the lookout for local alternative spaces.  A sturdy conducted by Clutch in 2019 found that local offices tend to have more variety of layouts, offer super local insider information to its users and retain their satisfied clients for more than 1 year.  These are compelling reasons t

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Working in a Shared Coworking Open Office Boosts Your Feelings of Belonging

Joining a coworking /shared-office-space is smart if you want to save money, get lots of work done and be in a central collaborative environment.  But what about feeling part of a team or having “friends” at work?

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How Much Office Space Do You Need and Will a Space at Coworking Fit Your Needs?

Office space is important for running a successful businesss but it is also one of the most expensive items in your monthly budget.  Estimating how much space you need, paying for utilities, arranging cleaning and maintenance in an office can be a very costly proposition.  When you choose to lease a coworking all of those hassels are of no consequence to you.

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How to Work Your Best in an Open Office

Open offices have become very popular of late. Part of their appeal is the fact that it is very cost effective and efficient to work in one of them.  You can readily access business equipment, have a professional place to meet clients and your ability to network is paramount.   Money savings come from the fact that you pay one low rental fee per month and your furniture, housekeeping, wifi, utilities and upkeep costs are all included.

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