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How to Thrive and Survive in a Coworking Office Space

The notion of work has changed over the past year or so and for many businesses work will never look the same again.  If you are not already coworking chances are you may be, in the near future, as individuals branch out into sole entrepreneurships and new enterprises.   The growth rate for coworking and shared space is growing and expanding.  If you are apprehensive about this new work reality here are some things you can do to make your experience the best.  Look at our tips that show how to thrive and survive in a coworking office.

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The New Users for Creative Shared Spaces

Workers in the state of New Hampshire and beyond are hopping on the coworking concept with a lot of energy and enthusiasim.  More than 5 new coworking centers have opened in the state in just the past few months.  What is it about these creative shared spaces that has people so excited and who are the newest people to adopt this way of working?

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5 Tips for Running Your Business From a Coworking Office Space

Coworking Office Space has transformed the way business is conducted for many entrepreneurs.  Here are our top tips for making this new way to do business work for you.

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How to Make Your Coworking Job Stand Out on a Resume

Are you an individual who is working for a company in what is termed a remote location?  No--- it's not Alaska, but maybe you are a lone worker from home or a shared office environment.  When it's time to move on and change companies- how do you make the experience stand out in a positive way?

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5 Factors You Should Consider When Deciding to Work in a Shared Office Environment

As a professional who works outside of a traditional office environment, you’re starting to think you could be happier and more productive with a different way of working. We've explored 5 major factors that should be considered when searching for the shared office environment that’s right for you!

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5 Coworking Perks at Red Oak

All coworking companies offer their clients the same basic product: a professional coworking space for working, collaborating, and meeting with clients of their own, outside of private homes and coffee shops. So what is it about Red Oak Coworking that makes us special, and differentiates us from the others?

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