The Workspace of Today:  A New Way to Think about Work


Freelancers, start-ups and consultants have made up a significant portion of the work force for many years.  They are independent and innovative workers who put their creative skills to the test everyday to find a place to work.  Many opt for their home or apartment but find that it is isolating.  Some choose a coffee shop but are constantly looking for a good wi-fi connection or a quiet place to make a phone call to a client.  These are frustrating issues to overcome.  Enter the workspace of today:  Shared coworking! This offers a collaborative environment that encourages productivity, professionalism and flexibility.  People thrive in these environments and a study by the Harvard Business Review discusses this at length.

How Workspace of Today Empowers Manchester NH Professionals

At Red Oak Coworking we have experienced the benefits of this modern workspace firsthand.  Our inspiring and creative space in the Daily Mirror Building at 66 Hanover Street in Manchester offers independent contractors, freelancers and small businesses a place to work and grow.  Located in the heart of Manchester, just steps to the business hub of the largest city in the state this bright space is right where you want to be.

Here are just some of the benefits to our coworking offices:

  1. Networking -  When you choose to work in a space like this your network expands automatically.  Your coworkers aren’t just working in the same office as you are, they are potentially your next clients or references.  Red Oak’s Coworking Offices are located in the same building as the Manchester Chamber of Commerce.  This offers you the chance for many connections to area professionals and businesses every day.
  2. Flexibility -  The Red Oak Coworking Offices are open 24/7.  You can work weekends, evenings and holidays if you want to.  Build your work schedule around your lifestyle and work habits.  Enjoy the all inclusive benefits of this work style.
  3. Productivity -  When you are working in our space you will be more focused and productive.  No more worries about finding a quiet place to make a call, meet with a client or hold a meeting.  Need lunch?  Use our café to enjoy a snack or lunch.  We even offer free water, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
  4. Collaboration -  When you work in the company of other professionals you will benefit from your interactions with them.  Share ideas, create partnerships and be entrepreneurial in this work environment.  No more worries about fitting into a company culture that you can’t buy into.  You are free to innovate and promote your own values and ideas.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

At Red Oak Coworking you have many all-inclusive benefits and perks that are free to use. 

There are office space plan options to fit just what your business needs right now.  All plans are month to month so there is no need for long commitments.  Call us and try it out for a month.