Where are the Red Oak Coworking Offices located?

Red Oak Coworking Offices are located at 66 Hanover Street, Suite 200, and at 409 Elm Street, Suite 100 in Manchester NH.

What are the hours of Red Oak Coworking Offices?

The building at 66 Hanover Street in Manchester is open from 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday - Friday, but everyone with a coworking plan or office suite is given a keycard which allows them 24/7 access to this location.

The Red Oak Office Suites at 409 Elm Street are open from 9 am - 5:30 pm. Office Suite clients have 24/7 access to this location.

What types of plans do Red Oak Coworking Offices offer?

We offer a coworking plan, at the 66 Hanover Street location, that includes 24/7 access and the use of free WiFi, business address, open workstations, lounge areas, conference rooms, soundproof cell phone booth and kitchen – basically anything that is communal use.

Office Suites are offered at both Red Oak locations. Fully private, furnished locking offices with a wide range in square footage options and at varying price points.

In addition, we offer a Daily Use option which is great for someone who works outside of an office environment and needs to meet with a client or business associate, or for someone from out of town who needs a place to work from while they are in the Manchester NH area.

How much does it cost to use Red Oak Coworking Offices?

The Coworking Plan is $99 per month. A Dedicated Desk with monitor is $299 per month. Neither of these plans requires a long-term contract.

Daily Use ranges from $100 to $200 per day depending upon the room reserved.

Office suites, with a 12-month contract range from $499 per month to $1,249 per month.  We offer month-to-month contracts on office suites; call us for pricing.

What amenities are included with plans at Red Oak Coworking Offices?

All plans include 24/7 access, business mailing address, WiFi, utilities, new office furniture, use of conference rooms with flat panel displays, printer/copier/scanner use, kitchen with coffee and water, video surveillance in common areas.

At 66 Hanover Street we offer a soundproof mobile phone booth, USB outlets at desks and hardwired Internet in private offices, and more.

At 409 Elm Street we offer free parking, a state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga studio, lactation room, and hardwired Internet.

Both locations are in downtown Manchester’s business district. It’s the ideal city for a professional workplace, with the best food, entertainment and shopping options right outside our doors.

Do I have to sign a contract to work at Red Oak Coworking Offices?


How do I sign up and start working within Red Oak Coworking Offices?

You will need to complete the simple application on our website, then sign a month-to-month contract or a 12-month lease. At the time you sign the contract, you will pay your first month’s rent, as well as a refundable deposit in the same amount as your monthly rent.

Can I get a legal business or mailing address at Red Oak Coworking Offices?

Yes, you can use the Red Oak Coworking Offices suite number and street address in Manchester as your business address for receiving mail and to acquire a business license while you are a client.

Can I rent a conference room or meeting space at Red Oak Coworking Office?

Yes, reserve the Daily Use option and choose from any of our four conference rooms or a designated office. Plus, all common area workstations, tables, lounge areas, and kitchen for the day are available.

Does Red Oak Coworking Offices offer private offices?

Yes, we offer private locking offices starting at $499 per month. Every office includes 1 to 4 new workstations, each with a desk chair. Some have lockable cubbies and some have small conference tables. Most offices also include hardwired Internet outlets and large windows, and some even come with individual climate control.

What is the cancellation policy at Red Oak Coworking Offices?

With a month-to-month contract, you just need to give us 30 days written or emailed notice. With a 12-month lease you will need to give us a 30-day written or emailed notice plus pay two months’ rent beyond the current month.

In addition, you will be required to return all keys or keycards that were provided to you. If your last payment does not cover the entire 30 days, you will have to pay only the difference. 

Where can I park at Red Oak Coworking Offices?

At 409 Elm Street Office Suites one parking space is included with the rental of one office.  If additional parking is needed, there are 10-hour street parking options.

At 66 Hanover Street, there is 2-hour street parking just outside of our offices and around our block, and 10-hour street parking beyond the block we are located on. In addition, there are several parking garages in the area, including the Red Oak Parking Garage directly across the street from the coworking offices. Red Oak Coworking Clients can benefit from a discounted rate for a monthly pass; it costs only $100 per month per space.

What is the atmosphere like at Red Oak Coworking Offices?

Our coworking atmosphere is sunny, colorful, bright and energetic. The environment is also a quiet one since our professional clients are focused on working hard to grow their businesses. We make it easy for them to dedicate their energy to their work, rather than worrying about all the complicated and costly elements of establishing an independent office, or dealing with the distractions and inconveniences of working from home.