How Popular are Shared Office Spaces in New Hampshire?

How Popular are Shared Office Spaces in New Hampshire?

Coworking offices in New Hampshire are here to stay.  The state has seen huge growth in these work-away from home alternatives that provide a creative environment for startup companies, new entrepreneurs and freelancers.  In Manchester NH alone,  there have been several new Coworking office spaces open in the past 6 months.

Coworking Office Trends

The trend in the northeast of the United States shows that more people are self-employed now than just 16 months ago.  The workforce is independent, diverse and looking for new work environments.  Many seek turn-key workplaces that don’t require a long-term lease or a long commitment.  Shared workspaces serve as a good solution for these workers as the spaces make perfect temporary hubs that can be rented by the hour, day or month.  This flexibility is paramount to the new workforce. 

Types of Shared Office Space

Coworking centers often offer a variety of work space choices.  Most popular are Executive suites that are fully furnished and can accommodate 1-4 like minded individuals.  Amenities like hard wired internet, free Wi-Fi and a business center are well utilized.  Coworking Options in an open office environment allow workers to collaborate more and create a sense of belonging.

Many workers like a drop-in option where they can rent plug and play communal space.  They like to work with others who share this mindset.  Social community and a collaborative vibe is a key advantage in this space. 

Other workers opt for daily usage of these work spaces too.  They like the carefree feel of no security deposits and just paying for the space when they need it.  It’s a great way to have a meeting in a professional conference room, meet a client in a quiet productive space or to set up a location to work between clients if you are a travelling worker. 

Creating a Blended Coworking Model

Red Oak Coworking Offices, founded in early 2018 by Ronald Dupont, has leveraged office space in downtown Manchester into a blended coworking model.  Calling itself a “creative shared space,” Red Oak largely attracts vibrant and creative workers in tech fields, start-ups, solo entrepreneurs and consultants in a variety of disciplines.  All are looking for the free wi-fi, no worries about building maintenance, no long-term lease requirements, the social spaces and the café.  Red Oak offers high-end sharable office space at its 66 Hanover St location in the heart of Manchester, NH’s business and entertainment hub.   Offering daily rates is a big part of its business strategy.  Many sales people just need a space for a day to hold a meeting.  The central location of Red Oak Coworking Offices is the perfect solution.  Other business owners need a business address and use the space as their mail location. Contact Red Oak to find out more.

Looking Ahead

The trend for plug and play shared office space is continuing to grow in New Hampshire.  Look for styles that will attract next stage companies after incubation and office spaces that appeal to more mature small companies.  Social elements, collaboration and creating an experience filled feeling are the projections for the years to come.