What is Hybrid Work?  How will it look in the Future?

As workers get back to the office and look for alternatives to work from home models many ask what is hybrid work and how will it look in the future? 

What is Hybrid Work?

The definition of hybrid work features a blend of work time that allows for a combination of in-office and remote work in a worker’s schedule. 

In practice, hybrid work ranges from a 50-50 combination of at home and in office work to some employees who are 100% work from home or other who work full time in the office.  Many employees relish the idea of being able to enjoy this kind of flexible schedule.  There is no one-size fits all hybrid work model and each individual can work out a plan that fits their needs and the needs of their employer.  The hybrid plan can look different for each person who tries it and it can present some challenges for both the employee and the employer.

Hybrid work allows for high engagement from workers and the variety it offers helps to prevent burnout.  Many workers are trying to figure out the best way to implement this kind of work plan so that it makes them feel fulfilled and helps with their productivity.  Employers are working to balance the ability to work in teams, collaboratively engage with staff and to schedule meetings while serving their clients.

At the outset of 2020 the thought was to work remotely to be protected from the Covid-19 outbreaks throughout the country and world.  As workers got accustomed to working remotely they discovered that it offered many benefits.  However, some miss the interaction and stimulation of working with others and enjoying the full office atmosphere at a corporate center. 

For some companies the notion of hybrid work helps with their bottom line.  The ability to be flexible with their associates has benefits.  Companies have no need to rent large office spaces as they can stagger their work force to accommodate everyone in a smaller space.  Employers also can limit the amount of down time for their staff as travel times and commuter issues go away with a hybrid model.  Hybrid work environments allow workers to spend more time on high-value work tasks and eliminate the need to take time off for personal appointments.

For some employees there is a challenge for them when it comes to working in a hybrid setting.  They might not have the space or quiet setting at home for their work to take place in a productive manner.  What options do these folks have?

Enter the Future of Hybrid Work - A Coworking Office

For workers who find it a challenge to work from home, hybrid work can be real easy if they consider a coworking office space for their hybrid work.  These spaces offer private and shared spaces that offer all the high-tech and office necessities to help them work productively and successfully.  The nature of these office spaces promotes social distancing yet has the feel and atmosphere of an office.  You can interact as much or as little as you want with others that are sharing the space with you.  You may even find that a group of folks from your corporation may share a coworking suite to help with team collaboration.  The future for hybrid work seems to fit right in with a coworking office philosophy.

As with any remote work situation, employers work hard to keep their workers actively involved in the work atmosphere and to provide connection and meaning to the goals and direction of the work place.  A coworking office will ensure that the high tech tools needed to keep workers feeling a part of things can be attained.

Red Oak Coworking Offices in Downtown Manchester, NH

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