Coworking in the “New Normal”

Coworking is a trend that is here to stay.  As work shifts into a semblance of the “new normal’ we see that workers will focus on continuing to prosper and grow their businesses.  Coworking spaces with social distancing, open spaces and a feeling of working cooperatively will flourish.  What are the main changes you may notice when coworking in the “New Normal”?

A Stronger Sense of Community

Industry leaders know that hot-desking and crowded office environments are gone forever.  Workers who have been isolated and working from home are now ready to safely re-emerge into an office space that allows for considerate cooperative work and to feel like they can interact with others again.  Seating will be more spacious and will feature more private office spaces.  Coworking amenities that are used by many people will be sanitized more often and air circulation will be important to workers.

Coworking Plans

As workers come back to offices, they will be looking for flexible leases, and coworking plans that are all-inclusive.  Flexibility will be key to these new coworkers.  Office layouts that will allow for companies to bring on more workers as needed and will encourage flexible usage of amenities at the site will be a hot commodity.  Office spaces that allow for daily or weekly plans may also gain in popularity for workers who travel for their job.

More Technology

As the pandemic raged in 2020 companies quickly adopted technologies to help them maintain contactless and robotic technologies to automate their work loads.  Apps, Zoom meetings and virtual meetings gained in popularity and will not likely go away soon.  Coworking spaces will be equipped to handle the band-width needed to accommodate workers with their technology needs.  The ability to adapt was put to the test during the pandemic and companies will continue to nurture these kinds of thoughts moving forward. 

Choice in Coworkings New Normal will be Paramount

Some people are very willing to get back to an office while others are not so sure.  Large corporations are giving their employees a choice of where they work and many people will choose a combination of work from an office and remote work from their homes.  Coworking offices that offer flexible plans and an environment that fosters work will be essential.  Some workers don’t want to be in a large office but must have a break from interruptions that come from kids, pets and family circumstances when working.  Working from home is stressful and coworking in the new normal can alleviate some of those stresses.

Community in the New Normal

Humans crave interaction.  We need community and work is more productive in a stress free work place.  It has been said that when folks shifted to at home work a loneliness epidemic ensued.  People’s mental well-being can be improved when shifting to a workplace where other people are.  Getting outdoors for breaks from work is an important thing too.  When working in a coworking office you will be more likely to get out and take a break at lunch.  Meetings will take place but they will be smaller and might even take place in outdoor spaces when possible.  It’s all about adapting to the needs of your coworkers. 

Find a Coworking Office Space in Manchester New Hampshire

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