Top Tips for Renting Your First Coworking Office Space

Top Tips for Renting Your First Coworking Office Space

It’s time to stop using a coffee shop as your office.  Here are some tips to consider before you take the plunge and rent your first coworking office. 

Leasing a Dedicated Space or Coworking Space?

What type of coworking situation will work best for you?  A coworking space is an open office environment where multiple individuals representing many differing companies and professions are working in open cubicle style desks.  These spaces offer the flexibility of 24/7 office hours, shared Wi-Fi, access to a business center, use of a kitchen, conference rooms and a business address.  The reduced costs of sharing these amenities is realized by each individual office user.  In addition, these spaces include the furnishings, heat, hot water, electricity, maintenance and insurance costs.  It is a great way to save when you are starting your business.  Another benefit is that as your business grows you can add workers for a low fee and keep using the shared space.   Leasing a dedicated, lockable office in a coworking office costs a bit more.  With that arrangement you can be assured that you have a secure space to work with 1 or 2 others from your company.  You can still access the shared spaces of the coworking office too.  The savings are good in this situation as you can budget for office supplies, computers, phone lines and your employee salaries more easily.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Office

As in other businesses, having the right location is important.  Do you need to access companies in the downtown, or do you need parking for the clients who will be visiting you in your coworking space?  The answers to these questions will help you decide where to rent a coworking office space.  The cost of renting an office in an urban area is higher than in a more rural area.  Think about if this will be an advantage to you, your coworkers and clients.   An urban area will give you access to restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment.  The right location will be a draw when you want to attract top talent and support services for your business. 

How Much Office Space Do You Need?

This can be difficult to know if you are a fledgling business.  If you have to sign a lease for your shared office space you want to be sure you have room to grow as your business expands.  Estimate how much space you really need and then start small.  Remember that you will have access to kitchen space, lounge areas, conference rooms and other space in a coworking office.

What About Your Budget?

Getting the numbers to work is of the utmost importance in every business.  A shared space will save you from spending on utilities, furniture, décor, office machines, signage and wi-fi.  You will still need to plan on spending for things like business cards, company stationary, brochures, computers and the rent on your space.

What about a Lease?

In some cases, you will be required to sign a lease.  If you choose a longer length lease term you may be eligible for some reduced rates.  In this day and age, you will find that many coworking offices offer month to month leases.  This kind of flexibility is the most beneficial to you.  It allows for you to expand or shrink your office space as needed. 

What Work Vibe are you Looking For?

When you choose an office space think about the look and feel you want.  Are you desperate for bright rooms, windows and a modern feel?  When you tour shared office space keep this in mind. 

Coworking in Manchester, NH

Red Oak Coworking Offices is Manchester’s #1 Coworking Option.  It has a sleek, bright and modern feel with the latest updates in technology. Many workers at Red Oak Coworking Offices love the ability to use the conference rooms here, make a private phone call in our sound proof phone booth and to use the space as a mailing address.  Its location in the heart of Manchester’s business district is ideal for any business.  Parking options are convenient in this part of town.  Contact Red Oak for a chance to get started in this beautiful office environment.