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Office Occupancy in New Hampshire is Booming!  Rent Office Space that is Non-traditional Instead

Enter Co-working Office spaces.  The Coworking concept allows small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and sole proprietors to rent office space in a collaborative and creative environment.  The shared amenities like business equipment, WiFi service, conference rooms, a café and a mailing address are much more cost effective in this kind of set up.

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3 Reasons Why Your New Hampshire Startup Company should be Based in a Coworking Center

Recent statistics show that the future will be good for independent start up companies, freelancers and independent contractors.  The statistics show improved work conditions, happier employees and more productivity for those who choose coworking office spaces.  The stats predict that these numbers will be the norm in just a few short years.   Here are the top 3 Reasons why your New Hampshire Startup should be working in a Shared Space if you are doing business in southern New Hampshire.

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Who Finds Success With Coworking?

The national trend towards small businesses and start-up companies utilizing coworking is growing in the New Hampshire region.  Businesses find that the productivity and collaboration that these offices support are very beneficial.  The opportunities for independent work on a unique time schedule and the cost saving aspects of a shared office are gaining the attention of freelancers, remote workers and other independent professionals.  We surveyed the businesses who use Red Oak Coworking in downtown Manchester to gain some insight into their reasons for choosing this way to work.  We discovered some commonalities that ring true to the hard-working spirit that these shared offices promote.

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What Kinds of Businesses are Renting Coworking Options?

The trendiest new thing in the world of business office spaces are co-working offices.  These shared work stations are popping up all over the place.  Options vary from place to place and the businesses that chose these working environments are varied.  The brand new Red Oak Co-Working Offices in the heart of Manchester, NH attract a creative and enthusiastic collection of entrepreneurs, start up businesses and mobile workers. 

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The Workspace of Today:  A New Way to Think about Work

Freelancers, start-ups and consultants have made up a significant portion of the work force for many years.  They are independent and innovative workers who put their creative skills to the test everyday to find a place to work.  Many opt for their home or apartment but find that it is isolating.  Some choose a coffee shop but are constantly looking for a good wi-fi connection or a quiet place to make a phone call to a client.  These are frustrating issues to overcome.  Enter the work space of today:  Shared coworking office spaces that offer a collaborative environment that encourages productivity, professionalism and flexibility. 

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What is it Like to Work in Coworking?

To balance the challenges of working from home a new concept has arisen.  It is called Coworking.  The definition of coworking is simple: “coworking” is a generic word that’s generally used to describe any situation in which two or more people are working in the same place together, but not for the same company.

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