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How to Make Your Coworking Job Stand Out on a Resume

Are you an individual who is working for a company in what is termed a remote location?  No--- it's not Alaska, but maybe you are a lone worker from home or a shared office environment.  When it's time to move on and change companies- how do you make the experience stand out in a positive way?

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Red Oak Coworking Rated #1 in New Hampshire

We are very proud to announce that Red Oak Coworking Offices in Manchester, NH has been ranked as the #1 Coworking Option in the state of New Hampshire.  Our offices made it to the "It" list from the This is It Network for September 2019.  This distinction is given to coworking models that offer a range of services, office options and coworking benefits to clients.

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Business Planning 101: How to Choose a Coworking Open Office

There are many locations, office plans and design elements that are popping up as coworking or shared office space in the state of New Hampshire.  Making a good decision about the one that is right for you can be easy if you know what to look for.

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Announcing: New Glass Offices for Rent in NH

The demand for coworking office space continues to grow in New Hampshire.  Todays workforce loves the flexibility that this mode of operation offers and the cost savings associated with it.  Red Oak's location in downtown Manchester is a great place to work.  We have had several folks ask for more private office space that one or two people can use.  We are happy to announce that we have just completed three new "glass front" offices in our beautiful space in the Daily Mirror Building at 66 Hanover Street in Manchester, NH.

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5 Factors You Should Consider When Deciding to Work in a Shared Office Environment

As a professional who works outside of a traditional office environment, you’re starting to think you could be happier and more productive with a different way of working. We've explored 5 major factors that should be considered when searching for the shared office environment that’s right for you!

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Work from Home? Don’t Panic When You Need to Meet with Clients!

Today’s ability to work from home has opened the door for significantly more professional opportunities than even just a decade ago. However, new opportunities bring new challenges, and in the case of the work-from-home professional, these challenges are all too familiar.

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